Distilled from wine
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Address:   Clos Mogador, SL. Camí Manyetes, s/n. 43737-Gratallops. Spain. Telf: + 34 977 839 171 closmogador@closmogador.com
Legal Product Name:   Wine Spirit produced according to EEC regulations CEE 1014/90 of April 24, 1990
Ingredients used for this Wine Spirit:   42% at a temperature of 20°C and legally certified spring water. No sugar or any other chemicals have been added
Container Description:   50cl green glass bottle, cork stopper sealed by a Food-safe capsule
Observations:   Produced and bottled by BRISFERE SL.
Production Method:   Wine and wine lees are distilled in a copper still, fractionated by a copper multi plate column, condensed by a stainless steel refrigerator and then recovered in a stainless steel container. The full system is sealed by Custom & Excise authorities. Following checks by Customs and Excise, the spirit is slowly diluted over a minimum of 6 months
Physical & Chemical Characteristics:   Alcohol/a.b.v: 42%, Sugar: n/a, Dry Extract: n/a
Colour:   colourless

La Quinta Esséncia dels Llops DISTILLED FROM CLOS MOGADOR WINE. A spirit obtained from distilling wine using a Holstein distiller. These wines have been fermented with grapes that didn’t make the grade for our top CLOS MOGADOR wine.