Our goal is to facilitate the natural balance of our vineyards to obtain a high quality grape. A good biodiversity accompanied by regenerative and biodynamic agriculture culminate this process.
These applications are summarized in the following techniques:
For winemaking, the goal is to produce wines that are more respectful of the “terroir”.
To achieve this, we use indigenous varieties, especially Garnacha and Cariñena for Clos Mogador and Manyetes wines. For Nelin white, the following varieties: white grenache, macabeo, xarel·lo, trepat, picapoll and white carinyena.
For Com Tu wine we use Garnacha de La Figuera, combining whole and destemmed grapes.
For fermentations, yeasts are natural; obtained by spontaneous fermentation and the starter process (pied de cuve).
The use of sulfurous (natural product in wine) is dosed to a minimum, to maintain a balance in microorganisms.
The fermentations are slow and the macerations long.
The aging takes place, according to our criteria,  in different recipients; in cement tanks, old foudres, barrels, Dama- Juanas (glass) or ceramic jars.
In short: it is about giving more freedom to wine in its evolution. Do not seek perfection but especially express the PRIORAT. Produce wines designed for aging but with sufficient complexity in their youth.

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