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Characteristics MANYETES   2007
Type of wine:   Reserve
Average production:   8.000 bottles
Distribution:   international and national (Europe, U.S., China, Japan, Australia...)
Appellation:   DOCa. Priorat
Grapes:   65% Cariñena; 25% Garnacha, 6% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 4% Syrah
Size of vineyard:   10 hectares
Altitude:   350 meters approx.
Ethanol:   14,5%
Titratable acidity:   5,17 g/l
Volatil acidity:   0,60 m/g
Total sulfur dioxide:   51 mg/l
Reducing sugars:   0,62 g/L
pH:   3,32
Type of bottle:   Bordeaux
Ageing MANYETES   2007
Type of oak:   from the best forests of Europe
Time in barrel:   16 months (40% in new cask and 60% of second vinification)
Bottled:   May 2009
René Barbier Meyer MANYETES   2007

This is the name of a region of the territory of Gratallops in the Priorat. A daring venture where vines can barely survive given the poor soil of the region, the intense sunlight and the bleak exposure.

However, this is exactly what gives rise to the principal essence of Priorat!

In this parched area, arid and steeply sloping slate, are grown our Carignans - an extraordinary vineyard in an extraordinary setting.
With the idea of bringing a touch of feminity to the wines, we have also planted 25% of grenache, a daunting task that took some 11 years with approximately 40% of the young vines dying upon planting.

Today, that work has paid off and visitors to the region can appreciate the vast horizon where the Ebro river gives from time to time out, a modicum of humidity - just enough to allow the vines to survive.

The final result is staggering - a harmonious blend of these noble grapes is completely at one with the terroir and gives us a wine with minerality, feminity, subtlelty and complexity which gives our hearts joy.

Manyetes is, quite simply, the essence of Priorat transformed into wine.
Fernando Zamora MANYETES   2007

This wine has a deep red colour that still has some purple hues in his meniscus.

Its aroma is intense, complex and sophisticated. Initially it evokes clear notes of blackcurrant, plum, fig and cocoa, all surrounded by memories of cinnamon and licorice. As it opens, appear clearly violet aroma as well as a deep balsamic and mineral substance.

On the palate, it displays concentrated, unctuous, opulent and full of fruit. Immediately, it fills the whole palate with intense feelings. Its tannin, rich and ripe, fulls of velvet our palate. Its aromatic persistence is truly remarkable. An extraordinary wine that will improve over the next 10 years.

Fernando Zamora Marín
Professor of the Faculty of Enology of Tarragona
Enologist of Clos Mogador