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Characteristics MANYETES   2017
Type of wine:   Reserve
Average production:   3.000 bottles
Distribution:   international and national (Europe, U.S., China, Japan, Australia...)
Appellation:   DOCa. Priorat
Grapes:   100% Carignan
Size of vineyard:   10 hectares
Altitude:   350 meters approx.mountains
Ethanol:   15%
Titratable acidity:   6,2 g/l
Volatil acidity:   0,83 m/g
Total sulfur dioxide:   54 mg/l
Reducing sugars:   1,5 g/L
Type of bottle:   Bordeaux
Retail price:   52,00€ to 57,00€
Ageing MANYETES   2017
Type of oak:   from the best forests of Europe
Time in barrel:   18 months in cask of 300 l.
Bottled:   June 2019
Vi de vila (Village Wine) MANYETES   2017

The different terroirs which exist within the Priorat wine appellation have given rise to the creation of a new “Village Wine – Gratallops”. Just like in Burgundy, France. The prestige of this winemaking area knows no limits and Manyetes is a good example of this new wine label.

Manyetes is the name of a vineyard in Gratallops: A daring venture where vines can barely survive given the poor soil of the region, the intense sunlight and the bleak exposure. The vines are quite literally at the extreme of survival, however, this is exactly what gives rise to the principal essence of Priorat!

In this parched, arid area of steeply sloping slate hillsides, our Carignans struggle to survive. This is an extraordinary vineyard in an extraordinary setting. With the idea of bringing a touch of femininity to our wines, we have also planted the Grenache.

Today, the work has paid off and visitors to the region can appreciate the vast horizon where the Ebro river gives, from time to time, a modicum of humidity - just enough to allow the vines to survive.
The final result is staggering - a harmonious blend of these noble grapes is completely at one with the terroir and gives us a wine with minerality, femininity, subtlety and complexity which warms our hearts.

Manyetes is, quite simply, the essence of Priorat transformed into wine .

 Certificat Vi de Vila  Indicació Vi de Vila

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René Barbier Ferrer MANYETES   2017

Manyetes’ adventure begins in 1999 and lasts until today. Its evolution has been impressive. We started off making a wine for a Belgian friend of ours, Luc van Iseghem. He had a vineyard in the area called Manyetes within the subzone of Gratallops, his wine was named Clos Manyetes and so he registered this name.
It was a 6-hectare plot which we planted with Grenache, Syrah and a bit of Cabernet. In order to improve this wine more quickly, in 1974 we rented the adjoining Carignan plot planted on slope.
Somewhere along the timeline, each grape plantation was vinified under the brand name of Solertia by another owner. Except the Carignan plot which Clos Mogador rented and from which produced the first Vi de Vila1 de Gratallops (vintages 2007 till 2017). In 2018, knowing the great potential of this area, Clos Mogador bought the plot, together with another adjacent one, planted around 1961/62 and evidently also acquired the brand name Manyetes (around 5 hectares).
We are well aware that pursuing this project is an irrational and emotional decision, since the vineyard has a very low yield and is subject to very extreme climate conditions. But on the other hand this vineyard expresses, like no other place does, the transparency of its terroir and therefore it provides a unique and exceptional wine.
Our aim is that Manyetes wine, from 2018 onwards, becomes a Vi de Paratge2, that is to say Wine from a Defined Small Area so that, later on, it can achieve the category label of Gran Vi de Vinya Classificada4 or Great Wine from a Classified Vineyard.
Obviously we will let other Vi de Paratge arise in Manyetes with us, since this area, with a proper control, will come to identify with the authentic harmonic potential of Priorat.
René Barbier Meyer MANYETES   2017

Comments on the 2017 vintage

Scarce, concentrated, with light tannins, Manyetes is without doubt our less productive vineyard (70hl./ha.). This vintage 2017 has even a lower yield than normally.
The forecast for the 2017 vintage was of high concentration, but we have been surprised by its light and armonious tannins.
The Manyetes DNA is to be an ageing wine, but for this vintage I think it can really be drunk in its youth, accompanying a consistent meal.
We hope you enjoy some of the few bottles of this 2017 vintage.

Clos Mogador Winery Winemaker